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From humble beginnings…
Rixona was founded by the brothers Willemsen in 1926 in a farm house under the name Wilco. In 1953 the brothers split up and the company in Warffum (north of Holland) was called Rixona. Shortly afterwards it became the first company in Europe to produce potato granules. The company had been producing vegetable preserves, fruit drinks and dried vegetables up until then. But this changed with the manufacture of potato granules, because the product became an instant success. Production increased rapidly and the focus of the company changed; in the sixties the company started producing potato granules almost exclusively, and around 1970 the production of vegetable preserves came to a definite stop. Rixona’s production of dried potato products increased from 2,000 tons of potato granules in 1959 to over 75.000 tons of granules and flakes today.

…to growing international company
In 1985 Rixona was sold to Aviko. In September 2002 Aviko was bought by Royal Cosun and so Rixona became part of Cosun as well. In 2005 Rixona took over Nestlé’s production site for potato granules and flakes in Venray and with this takeover Rixona increased its production with more than twice the size. Today Rixona has an export share of 90% and delivers dried potato products to customers all over the world.

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