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Rixona is a private limited liability company, owned by Aviko, and is an independent supplier of potato granules and flakes. Rixona has its own departments for Production, Marketing & Sales, Finance, QA and R&D. The head office of the company is in Venray. Around 235 employees realise a turnover of more than 70 million euro. Production facilities are located in Venray (south Netherlands) and Warffum (in the north). Rixona is also responsible for the marketing and sales of potato flakes made at the three French Fries plants of Aviko, namely in Steenderen and Lomm (both in the Netherlands) and Rain am Lech in Germany.

Rixona has been one of the world’s leading manufacturers of potato granules and flakes for over fifty years. Rixona does business with well-established companies in the retail and food service industry, as well as in the food industry, where potato granules and flakes are used to produce snacks, potato products, ready made meals, soups & sauces and many other products.

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