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Potato Granules
Rixona can produce every type of granule according to our customers' wishes. We have a full array of products, ranging from extra low viscosity to high viscosity. Each of these products can be customized at various levels for additives, antioxidants and emulsifier. We are specialized in making granules for both the snack industry and mashed potato applications.

Potato Flakes
We produce flakes made from whole potatoes with different granulometry, from ground flakes up to 5 mm. Customizing flakes is easy for us as well, for instance regarding granulometry, free starch, moisture, additive levels and water binding.
We also sell flakes that are made from slivers of the French fries production. These flakes are made at the Aviko plants in Steenderen and Lomm in the Netherlands and in Rain am Lech in Germany.

RAS Super Fries: A unique Rixona-product
RAS Super Fries is a unique product, developed especially for the fast food market by Rixona. A selection of our granules is mixed according to a secret recipe and this powder is used to make the special RAS fries (reconstituted French fries). Powder for RAS Super Fries is distributed to cafeteria’s and restaurants all over the Netherlands and far beyond. Even as far as Japan.

From 59 grams to bulk containers
At the end of the production line our products are packaged in units varying from 59 grams to bulk containers of more than 25.000 kgs.

We sell units of around 59 grams to 1kg packed under controlled atmosphere for retail and bags or tins of 1-5 kg packed under controlled atmosphere for the food service. Larger quantities of 25 kgs, Big Bags or bulk containers are transported to the food industry all over the world.

RAS Super Fries is supplied in 1 kg plastic bags. Instant mashed potato comes in bags varying from 59 grams to 5 kgs in aluminum bags or in 1, 2.5 and 5kg tins, made according to our customers’ wishes.

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