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Production and quality

The potato is the heart of our company
This is why we only use the very best potatoes, grown in the most suitable types of soil. Constant attention to sourcing and strict quality controls ensure we produce the best potato products, year after year. Our knowledge of the potato branch is such that we can guarantee our customers; we can meet their specifications all year round.

In or out
Quality control starts at the door, literally. Every truckload of potatoes that comes in in our modern production facilities in Venray and Warffum, is checked at the point of delivery according to certain set parameters. When a batch is not up to standard, it simply will not be accepted.

The control room
When the potatoes have passed the first test, the processing begins. Operators keep a watchful eye on the entire production process from peeling to drying. The computers in the control room enable them to see the entire process and to make modifications if necessary.

Made to measure
Production takes place on eleven lines (six for granules and five for flakes), each of which can be adjusted for maximum flexibility. This way we can produce various specifications for different customers at the same time.

The potato granules are produced on six lines, which all work according to the so called add-back system. By returning a proportion of the granules to an earlier phase in the production process, the cooked potatoes can be ground to powder by mixing and the moisture content is greatly reduced. Sophisticated warm air dryers reduce the final moisture content to 9%.

Roll drying process for flakes
At our facility in Venray we have five roll dryers for the production of potato flakes. After cooking, the potatoes are mashed and dried in order to obtain a cold soluble product.

Two production sites
Rixona has two large production sites, to ensure our customers of a speedy delivery at all times. In case of unforeseen events, production can still continue as usual.

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