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Quality and certificates

Quality and certificates

Guaranteed quality, all year round
Rixona products meet the highest standards. We keep a close guard on our production process, because we know that if the basic ingredients have only the smallest variations, that this immediately affects our clients’ products. We have perfected our production process in such a way that the quality of our granules and flakes does not vary according to fluctuations in the potato market. Therefore we are able to deliver the same high quality all year round, which is quite unique.

Fully Traceable
Traceability enables us to locate the exact batch of potatoes a product is made from. Then, should there be a problem, it is easy for us to check whether it concerns just a single batch or a larger quantity.

We are able to locate not only a batch, but we guarantee full traceability for all potatoes that we use as a raw material. All potatoes we process are sourced through Aviko’s own trading company (Korteweg bv) which allows us to keep full control of the growing process, from potato seed to the final delivery of the product to our factories. All potatoes comply with the food safety crop system (VVA) of the Dutch Potato Board (VAVI).

The lab
Our employees in the laboratory do the final checks on a physical chemical level and on a microbiological level.

Independent Quality Control
Rixona has received Quality Certificates from the following independent organizations:

- AIB American Institute of Baking, an qualification scheme that Rixona participates in.
- BRC British Retail Consortium, has its own standard for food safety. Rixona is categorized as ‘higher level’.
- HACCP Hazard Analyses of Critical Control Point. Rixona’s assessment has been executed by Lloyd’s Register Quality Assurance ltd.
- ISO-9000
- IFS The German certification standard.

Kosher & Halal Certificates
We produce foods according to Jewish food regulations so our products can be labelled with a Kosher Certificate. The same applies for the Halal Certificate, for which we produce foods according to specifications set by the Muslim-community. A specification can be sent to you on request: info@rixona.nl

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